[Columbia, MD] AN LOI Vietnamese Restaurant 清淡爽口的越南河粉

Recommendation: 60%

Beef noodle soup is always one of my favorite food no matter what kind. Vietnamese Pho is one kind that I love and despise at the same time. Love it because a good broth can have a great flavorful blend with basil, lime juice, and beef; also, it’s normally inexpensive but filling. However, I hate it because majority of the broth I tasted is fake or MSG heavy. Therefore, I rarely go out and buy pho unless I found one place that has genuine broth.

Mr. Big is recently obsessed with one of the food shows of Luke Nguyen, a Vietnamese chef who was born in Thailand, grew up in Australia, and traveled throughout Vietnam to demonstrate all kinds of Vietnamese cuisines on the streets or little food stands. Continue reading [Columbia, MD] AN LOI Vietnamese Restaurant 清淡爽口的越南河粉