[Munich, DE] Neuschwanstein Castle~ Little Prince’s Fairytale

Neuschwanstein, a fairytale like castle built between 1869 and 1886 under King Ludwig II of Bavaria, known as the design idea where Disney originated from, and is one of the most famous sights of Germany.

Ever since we decided to go to Munich, I just pinned this place as one of the must visit spot. It is located about 2 hours away from Munich. In order to get to the castle, you need to take a train to Fussen, and then take a bus from Fussen to the castle ticket and visitors center. It is recommended to reserve your ticket for the castle tour before your visit. There will be a specific time assigned for your entry. You can book your tickets here: https://www.hohenschwangau.de/543.html Continue reading [Munich, DE] Neuschwanstein Castle~ Little Prince’s Fairytale