Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs 家常蕃茄炒蛋

Tomatoes are in season!!!

It’s one of my favorite ingredients to all kinds of dishes. No matter Asian dishes like beef stew, Mexican dish such as salsa, or pasta, burger, or sandwiches, I always love lots of tomatoes. I prefer cooked tomatoes over fresh tomatoes. The cooked tomatoes taste sweeter and the flavor is much more enhanced. Also, cooked tomatoes contain rich lycopene and antioxidant which is really good for health.

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Fresh Basil Salsa and Shrimp Cocktail 雞尾酒鮮蝦佐羅勒莎莎醬

Gotta try something Mexican this week!!!!

Salsa is one of my favorite kinds of Mexican side dish. The refreshing, spicy sauce with chips is the best appetizer.

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Quick and easy Naan Bread Pizza 簡單又方便的印度烤餅Pizza

This Naan bread pizza is super easy to make and taste so good!!

The pizza crust is always one key to have a successful pizza. You want to have the chewy, slightly crisp, and not too thick texture. Naan bread plays a great role in owning these three criteria. Also, it saves a lot of time and effort for mixing the dough, wait for the rising, and roll the dough into a crust.

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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup 老爺心目中的台灣=牛肉麵!!!

If you want me to indicate one most popular dish that can represent Taiwanese food, I would say the beef noodle soup. It is so common but has so many varieties that pretty much every Taiwanese loves it.

This is also one of Mr. Big’s favorite dish, his impression of Taiwan since his childhood. Whenever he’s away from home for a while, the top-of-mind cuisine that he wants from me is this spicy beef stew.

He will be coming home soon from a one-month training. I just spent a couple hours in the kitchen making this beef stew yesterday and let the meat sit in the broth overnight to soak in all the flavors. Today would be the perfect timing to serve this warm comfort food to welcome my man home. 🙂

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How to peel tomatoes

This is a easy tip for peeling tomatoes. When making stew or soup, using peeled tomatoes can have better looking, better texture and easier to cook out the flavor.

First, you need to cut a small cross at the bottom of each tomato.

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Whole Tomato Rice with Omelette 整顆蕃茄蛋包飯 簡單到不可思議!!


This “Whole Tomato Rice” dish is recently so popular in Japan and Taiwan. The original recipe is really simple with one whole tomato cook with rice and mix it together. I’ve read some really good reviews and the fact that it’s so simple and tasty makes me eager to try it out!!

I combined this dish with the Japanese style omelette rice. Just simply replace the ketchup fried rice with this whole tomato rice. It turns out tasting so good and much healthier and easier with much less oil contained. Wanna give it a try as well? Let’s get started!! Continue reading Whole Tomato Rice with Omelette 整顆蕃茄蛋包飯 簡單到不可思議!!

Caprese Salad 羅勒蕃茄起士沙拉

The easy, healthy, refreshing, and good looking appetizer in the WORLD!!

A friend gave us so many tomatoes he grew in his own yard over the summer. This will be the best way to consume these fresh picked tasty tomatoes!! Let’s get started!! Continue reading Caprese Salad 羅勒蕃茄起士沙拉