Thai Style Spicy Chicken 泰式椒麻雞

I always love Thai style cuisines especially in the summer time. The sweet, sour, and spicy taste makes you feel refreshing and triggers the appetite. Also, the various colors from all kinds of vegetables and ingredients on the plate is an eye candy.

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Thai Spicy and Sour Fish Salad 泰式酸辣魚片沙拉

As the weather become warmer, this citrusy, refreshing appetizer would be the best as a starter for dinner. It’s really easy to prepare and so healthy. Completely zero fat and low carbs. The sweet, sour, and spicy sauce could match all kinds of meat and salad. Especially seafoods.

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Thai Green Curry Chicken 泰式綠咖哩雞

For people who love spicy food, this will be a dish you will be addicted to!!! Very aromatic and full of spices, the Thai green curry is a great match with all kinds of vegetables. All you need is the green curry paste, fish sauce, and coconut milk. All other ingredients can be substitute with any meat or vegetables you like. Continue reading Thai Green Curry Chicken 泰式綠咖哩雞

Thai Chicken Salad 泰式雞肉沙拉

The leftover chicken breasts from rotisserie chicken can easily become dry and tough when reheated. This is a dish with lots of healthy ingredients, colorful looking, and low calorie!!! Tired of ranch or Italian dressing? Let’s try Thai style today!! 🙂 Continue reading Thai Chicken Salad 泰式雞肉沙拉