[Bethesda, MD] Aji-Nippon Restaurant

Recommendation: 55%

There’s an old saying that a rotten apple spoils the whole barrel which best explains my experience with this restaurant… So disappointed with one dish that I would not want to visit again.

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[DC] Sakuramen 號稱DC最好吃的拉麵

Recommendation: 90%

Since I moved to Maryland a couple months ago, I haven’t really had a lot of chances to explore many local places. After a couple fails from the high ratings and recommended restaurants from some of the popular restaurant review websites. (Guess most people would know who I’m referring to right away :P) This place is the first I would like to recommend to people.

Within walking distance from metro station, this Japanese Ramen noodles shop is located on a very busy street with tons of restaurant choices. Yet hardly noticed its entrance is in the basement (shown as picture below.) Continue reading [DC] Sakuramen 號稱DC最好吃的拉麵