Pressure Cooker Oxtail Bourguignon 壓力鍋紅酒燉牛尾

I recently got a box of oxtail on sale. However, I have never maken oxtail before. It seems to be tough and takes a long time to cook. After I tried making this Oxtail Bourguignon with my pressure cooker, I found out it’s super easy and I just love the savory sauce.

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Pressure Cooker- Vietnamese Pho 100% MSG Free 壓力鍋越南河粉,不用高湯粉也有更健康的好味道

After trying so many Pho restaurants, I found the broth all tastes kind of similar and they definitely all have MSG or similar artificial flavor products in the soup. It starts bothering me after a while that they all taste similar because these broth noodle soups should taste slightly different between different recipes or restaurants such as Japanese ramen or beef noodle soups. Even when I made my own beef noodle soups, it would taste a little different each time based on the ingredients or ratio difference. The more I tried and thought about it, the more concerns I had for these Pho being “fake” soup.

Since then, I started to try making my own Pho broth. Before I bought the pressure cooker, I tried once to slow cook the broth on regular stove for more than 4 hours. However, I used beef neck bones and didn’t add any meat into the soup so the broth tasted a little bland. So for this time, I used beef leg bones which contains more fat and marrow plus the beef flank chunks. I cooked the stock in my pressure cooker for about 1.5 hour. It turns out really rich and flavorful. There will be lots of fat on top of the broth once you finished cooking. No worries, just scoop out the fat as much as you want. It would be much easier if you cool the broth in the fridge overnight and just pick up the solid fat the next day.

I love my pressure cooker!! It saves so much time and energy in the kitchen and so simple to use.
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Pressure Cooker- Braised Pork Belly 年菜系列: 壓力鍋紅燒東坡肉

Chinese New Year is around the corner!!!

Since I have memory, Chinese New Year is always one of my favorite festival in Taiwan. All the family reunions, so many good food and traditions, and of course, red envelopes and fireworks. I always remember weeks or even months before the CNY, mom would be super busy making all these traditional Chinese dishes such as Chinese meatballs, braised pork belly, and “eight precious rice puddings.” She would always make so many to share with families and friends. Also, the home made sweet red beans sticky rice cake and radish rice cake from my grandma is the best.

As this will be my very first year away from home after I got married, this time of the year makes me homesick the most. 😥

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Pressure Cooker- Super Easy Curry Rice 30分鐘輕鬆上桌,超簡單壓力鍋咖哩飯!!!


This is a super easy, no pressure for working moms, and quick recipe: the pressure cooker curry rice. All you need to do is prepare the materials, put them all in pressure cooker, and then wait for itself to be ready to serve!!! All together took me about just 30-40 mins. While waiting, you can even get a little rest or prepare fruit or dessert. Isn’t it amazing? Continue reading Pressure Cooker- Super Easy Curry Rice 30分鐘輕鬆上桌,超簡單壓力鍋咖哩飯!!!

Kitchen time saver: Pressure cooker. Absolutely LOVE it!!

I have been thinking about buying a pressure cooker for a long time. Since I constantly make stew or soups, having a pressure cooker can save so much time in kitchen and hopefully our utility bill as well.

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