Pressure Cooker- Braised Pork Belly 年菜系列: 壓力鍋紅燒東坡肉

Chinese New Year is around the corner!!!

Since I have memory, Chinese New Year is always one of my favorite festival in Taiwan. All the family reunions, so many good food and traditions, and of course, red envelopes and fireworks. I always remember weeks or even months before the CNY, mom would be super busy making all these traditional Chinese dishes such as Chinese meatballs, braised pork belly, and “eight precious rice puddings.” She would always make so many to share with families and friends. Also, the home made sweet red beans sticky rice cake and radish rice cake from my grandma is the best.

As this will be my very first year away from home after I got married, this time of the year makes me homesick the most. 😥

I tried to make a couple mama’s traditional CNY dishes from the taste of my memory. These delicious food makes me feel so much better. 🙂 Continue reading Pressure Cooker- Braised Pork Belly 年菜系列: 壓力鍋紅燒東坡肉