Ma-Po Tofu (麻婆豆腐) Sichuan Peppercorn spicy sauce tofu, another rice killer

I love the scent of Sichuan peppercorn in stir fries. However, the restaurants normally use the whole peppercorns which irritate and numb your tongue when you bit one accidently. Some restaurants would strain the Sichuan peppercorns and just leave the oil after frying them, but with this way you lose lots of flavor.

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Chinese meatballs stew 年菜系列: 紅燒獅子頭

This is the taste of memory…

Another Wu Mom’s signature dish for Chinese New Year: the Chinese meatball stew. I still remember she standing in the kitchen for a whole afternoon or whole evening to chop, mix, knead, smash the meat. The best part was when she started to deep fry the meatballs. The aroma spreaded throughout the house. When you saw these little meatballs mountains, you couldn’t resist but want to immediately try one. Mom would always yelled: back off!! they are not done yet!!! Then she would look for a smaller meatball to fry a little longer till it was thoroughly cooked to let me try one.

After she finished frying these meatballs, she would store them in the freezer. They are good for months. The finished meatballs stew is slow cooked in Chinese cabbage and king mushrooms until the meat sauce and the juice from the vegetable melt into each other. The soft, juicy, and aromatic meatballs with the vegetable sauce tasted sooooo good!!!

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