My new toy: Garlic Press 廚房新寵-省時省力的好幫手

I’m never really a big fan of single purpose kitchen tools. Usually I think they are space consuming and not really helping a lot. However, Mr. Big found this channel on Youtube reviewing garlic press changed my mind.

After trying a couple times on this new toy, it really amazed me on the great time saving and performance of the flavor turns out on dishes with this thing. Continue reading My new toy: Garlic Press 廚房新寵-省時省力的好幫手

Garlic Butter Cod Fillet 香蒜奶油煎鱈菲力

Need simple dinner ideas? This pan fried garlic butter cod is so easy to make and taste incredible. The crispy garlic chips match perfectly with the juicy cod fillet.


If you want a healthier version, you can substitute the butter with olive oil. However, I just love the mixture aroma of fried garlic in butter which adds a little more nutty, creamy flavor to the juice of cod.

This dish goes well with any vegetable sides. Our sides today was zucchini parmesan chips and boiled quinoa. What a great easy, healthy, tasty meal!! Continue reading Garlic Butter Cod Fillet 香蒜奶油煎鱈菲力