Stars and Stripes Pie 美國國旗派

Happy July 4t!!!

July is also the best season for all kinds of berries. Why not making a patriotic pie to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July long weekend? This pie looks great and fun but it’s so easy to make and taste awesome!! All you need is a cardboard and a small knife or star cookie cutter.

Just defrost your pre-made pie crusts and let’s get started!! Continue reading Stars and Stripes Pie 美國國旗派

The easy and healthy snacks, Blueberry Oat Crumb Bars 簡單又營養,藍莓燕麥條

I can’t wait till the Summer berries season’s coming!!!!! We can see some in the markets recently already, but I can’t wait until the raspberries and blueberries are ripe and ready for picking.

This easy blueberry oat crumb bars recipe is really easy to make. I have these tasty bars as breakfast or afternoon snacks. The blueberries can be replaced with any berry as your preference. The crunchy crumbs on top with the chewy, sweet and sour berry filling taste really great together!!  Continue reading The easy and healthy snacks, Blueberry Oat Crumb Bars 簡單又營養,藍莓燕麥條

Lemon glazed madeleines 檸檬糖霜瑪德蓮

The French pastry Madeleines are famous for its signature shell shaped small cake/cookies and the lemon flavor. They are so cute looking which would be the perfect match for afternoon tea time with a cup of tea or coffee.

Continue reading Lemon glazed madeleines 檸檬糖霜瑪德蓮

Pressure Cooker Red Bean Dessert Soup with Sesame Sweet Rice Balls 紫米芝麻湯圓紅豆湯

The red bean dessert soup is one of the common traditional street vender desserts in Taiwan during the winter time. The warm, sweet, creamy red bean soup can warm up your stomach and makes me feel happy. It can be the base to other dessert ingredients made from sweet potatoes or sticky rice balls.

The ingredients for the red bean soup is really simple: Red beans, water, and sugar (preferably raw or brown sugar.) Most of the people have the impression of beans being really hard to cook through or it requires a very long time to cook. However, with my pressure cooker, it only took me 20 mins (about 30 mins total) to cook and all of the beans are soft and creamy.  Continue reading Pressure Cooker Red Bean Dessert Soup with Sesame Sweet Rice Balls 紫米芝麻湯圓紅豆湯

[Munich, DE] Cafe MAELU- Our Sweets on Christmas Day

Recommendation: 90%

Located at the shopping area between Hofgarten garden and Marienplatz. Cafe MAELU caught my eyes while we were just walking around. It is a great place to just have a cup of coffee and enjoy a delicately made dessert. Continue reading [Munich, DE] Cafe MAELU- Our Sweets on Christmas Day

Mini Pumpkin Pecan Pie 迷你南瓜胡桃派

This dessert would make a perfect ending for a Thanksgiving dinner. It combines perfectly with flaky pie crust, the freshly made brown sugar pumpkin purée topped with crispy maple pecans. The cupcake-sized pies make it looks more delicate and easy to serve.

If you don’t have enough time to have fun in the kitchen at once, you can divide the work into a couple portions. The pastry dough can preserved in freezer for about a month. The mashed pumpkins can be stored in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

However, I would never sacrifice the genuine taste of fresh pumpkin purée with the preserved ones. If you ever tried the homemade pumpkin pie, you wouldn’t want to go back to the supermarket/ canned pumpkin pies again. 😛

It took me a couple times to practice and adjust the recipe for pie crust, but it’s worth the effort. Making your own crust is much cheaper and has better flavor. The most important is you know exactly what ingredients you use. Try this out and amaze your Thanksgiving table!! Continue reading Mini Pumpkin Pecan Pie 迷你南瓜胡桃派

[Ft Collins, CO] Butter Cream Cupcakery 舊城逛街小憩的好去處,小巧可愛的驚喜杯子蛋糕

Mr. Big and I just revisited Colorado in September since he moved out last year. And that will be almost 3 years since I last visit Ft. Collins. I got to say this little town has become more charming after all these years with more small, special shops and more “art-elements” built into the whole atmosphere. Not to mention the growing local brews and bars. (Can never miss that out in Colorado!!)

Take a half day off just walking around Old Town square (if you can find a parking spot,) you will run into lots of surprises like we do with this little cupcake shop.

The cute decor with clean, clear windows full of yummy looking cupcakes can make every girl stop by and wanting to check out. So do I. 😛

The one I had is one of their Daily Flavors, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. Mr. Big, of course, had his favorite red velvet. The cake is smooth and not too sweet with natural flavor. I really like their strawberry icing which also adds a little refreshing fruity taste to balance out the cream.

If you are walking around downtown Ft. Collins, this will be a great place to have a short break from the walking and have a little treat for the day. Continue reading [Ft Collins, CO] Butter Cream Cupcakery 舊城逛街小憩的好去處,小巧可愛的驚喜杯子蛋糕