Bacon Frittata Cups, Have a nice cute brunch 小巧可愛的迷你義式培根烘蛋

Isn’t it sweet to wake up early in a weekend morning to take your time and enjoy cooking for your families? Let this indulgence smell of bacon frittata wake your significant other up to join a perfect holiday brunch with you is the best way to spend a relaxing weekend morning.  Continue reading Bacon Frittata Cups, Have a nice cute brunch 小巧可愛的迷你義式培根烘蛋

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Wish you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day with your loved ones!!! 🙂

Sweet Potato Frosting Cupcake 地瓜泥杯子蛋糕

We just had our first snow for this year a couple days ago. Looking at the snow outside of the window inspired me for this dessert idea. The toasted marshmallow looks so cute and so much like the snow on the treetop.

I like my cupcakes serve warm. The sweet potato frosting mixes in the crunchy texture of toasted pecan and marshmallow combining with the soft and moist cakes taste like heaven!! Continue reading Sweet Potato Frosting Cupcake 地瓜泥杯子蛋糕

[Ft Collins, CO] Butter Cream Cupcakery 舊城逛街小憩的好去處,小巧可愛的驚喜杯子蛋糕

Mr. Big and I just revisited Colorado in September since he moved out last year. And that will be almost 3 years since I last visit Ft. Collins. I got to say this little town has become more charming after all these years with more small, special shops and more “art-elements” built into the whole atmosphere. Not to mention the growing local brews and bars. (Can never miss that out in Colorado!!)

Take a half day off just walking around Old Town square (if you can find a parking spot,) you will run into lots of surprises like we do with this little cupcake shop.

The cute decor with clean, clear windows full of yummy looking cupcakes can make every girl stop by and wanting to check out. So do I. 😛

The one I had is one of their Daily Flavors, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. Mr. Big, of course, had his favorite red velvet. The cake is smooth and not too sweet with natural flavor. I really like their strawberry icing which also adds a little refreshing fruity taste to balance out the cream.

If you are walking around downtown Ft. Collins, this will be a great place to have a short break from the walking and have a little treat for the day. Continue reading [Ft Collins, CO] Butter Cream Cupcakery 舊城逛街小憩的好去處,小巧可愛的驚喜杯子蛋糕