[Salzburg, AT] Augustiner Braustubl Mulln Beer Garden

Recommendation: 85%

Salzburg is basically a pretty small town where you can almost get to all of the attractions by foot. Augustiner Braustubl Mulln Beer Garden is one of the further sight located at the west corner of Salzburg. However, we still made it by just walking there from the city center, Getreidegasse.

One of the goals for this Europe trip was to taste local beer and food whenever we reached one place. Of course we could not miss out one of the largest and oldest breweries in Salzburg!!

The Augustiner Brewery at Mülln in Salzburg was founded by Augustinian monks in 1621, who had been called to Salzburg from Bavaria by the Archbishop of Salzburg, Wolf Dietrich. A monastery was built for the Augustinians in Mülln on the northern slopes of the Mönchsberg hill between 1607 and 1614.

Even today, considerable value is attached to maintaining the good old craft brewing tradition, such as the trademark of serving beer from a wooden barrel in stone mugs.

The Bräustübl Tavern is Austria’s largest beer tavern (with a working area of over 5,000 m²), with an additional 1,500 seats in its shady beer garden.

The beer is drawn from wooden barrels and is supplied on a self-service basis. The meals can be found in what is know as the “stands corridor”,(Delicatessen arcade) a reminder of a traditional market hall.

-quoted from the Augustiner Braustubl Mulln website introduction

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[Munich, DE] Hofbräuhaus München- The BEST beer ever

Recommendation: 95%

After a long flight from Taiwan to Munich, J and I were both tired and hungry. Of course, our first stop at this fabulous city was this most famous brewery, Hofbräuhaus München.

As soon as we walked into this building, we were just amazed by how big the interior actually was and how it was full in an afternoon on a weekday. It is a open seating place so no one would assist you on seating, that is, you have to fight for your own seats. 😛 Continue reading [Munich, DE] Hofbräuhaus München- The BEST beer ever