[Munich, DE] Cafe MAELU- Our Sweets on Christmas Day

Recommendation: 90%

Located at the shopping area between Hofgarten garden and Marienplatz. Cafe MAELU caught my eyes while we were just walking around. It is a great place to just have a cup of coffee and enjoy a delicately made dessert. Continue reading [Munich, DE] Cafe MAELU- Our Sweets on Christmas Day

[Munich, DE] Neuschwanstein Castle~ Little Prince’s Fairytale

Neuschwanstein, a fairytale like castle built between 1869 and 1886 under King Ludwig II of Bavaria, known as the design idea where Disney originated from, and is one of the most famous sights of Germany.

Ever since we decided to go to Munich, I just pinned this place as one of the must visit spot. It is located about 2 hours away from Munich. In order to get to the castle, you need to take a train to Fussen, and then take a bus from Fussen to the castle ticket and visitors center. It is recommended to reserve your ticket for the castle tour before your visit. There will be a specific time assigned for your entry. You can book your tickets here: https://www.hohenschwangau.de/543.html Continue reading [Munich, DE] Neuschwanstein Castle~ Little Prince’s Fairytale

[Munich, DE] Christmas Market of Munich

Starting from late November to the Christmas Eve, there are many Christmas Markets around European cities. It was right around Christmas time when we arrived Munich.

Munich’s Christmas Market – whose roots go back to the 14th century – is held on the Marienplatz in the heart of the city centre.

Town records first mention a ”Nicholas Market” in the Kaufinger Strasse near the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) in 1642.   Back then, just like today, the Munich Christmas Market offers traditional Bavarian and unique Christmas gifts, including wood carvings from Oberammergau, gingerbread (Lebkuchen) from Nuremberg and notably some exquisite glassware from the Bavarian Forest.

- Quoted from Munich Christmas Market website: http://www.germany-christmas-market.org.uk/munich_christmas_market.php

It was absolutely a very unique experience which you can only have it around this time of the year. Not to mention the special traditional food and drinks with all these pretty decorations. However, we also had our “tradeoffs” from visiting this fabulous city around holiday season. All of the museums and sights were closed for 2-3 days around Christmas. Right on dot at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve, all of the shops and restaurants were closed no matter there were still tons of people and customers on the street. There were only a handful of restaurants and bars that were still open. The ones that were open would be super crowded and the service could be awful. This was definitely out of our plan before we arrived Munich. Didn’t expect J and I would be walking on an empty street trying to find a place to sit down on our Christmas Eve. 🙂  How fun!!! Continue reading [Munich, DE] Christmas Market of Munich

[Munich, DE] Hofbräuhaus München- The BEST beer ever

Recommendation: 95%

After a long flight from Taiwan to Munich, J and I were both tired and hungry. Of course, our first stop at this fabulous city was this most famous brewery, Hofbräuhaus München.

As soon as we walked into this building, we were just amazed by how big the interior actually was and how it was full in an afternoon on a weekday. It is a open seating place so no one would assist you on seating, that is, you have to fight for your own seats. 😛 Continue reading [Munich, DE] Hofbräuhaus München- The BEST beer ever