Basic Pie Crust from scratch 基礎派皮食譜

Making your own pie crust may seem intimidating in the first place. It seems so difficult… I seems very troublesome… Why would I want to make my own pie crust when I can just easily purchase from grocery stores… and they taste not bad at all? Well… I had the same questions when I started baking.

However, after my first try of making my own pie crust, the real buttery, crispy, flaky texture and flavor makes the pie taste much better. On top of that, it’s not difficult at all!!! You can always make more and store them in the freezer. Just defrost a little bit before you want to make pies the next time.

What makes me never want to buy store pie crust again is after reading the ingredients of ready-to-use pie shells. You basically just need flour, butter, egg, water, and little bit of salt and sugar to make your own crust. These are all pretty basic ingredients that all kitchens have. On the other hand… looking at the ingredients of a couple common store pie shells throws me off completely…  Continue reading Basic Pie Crust from scratch 基礎派皮食譜

My new kitchen toy: Vitamix. Worth invested!!

Since our last blender broken, we haven’t got a new one for a while. I thought I would be fine living without a blender for the rest of my life until one imposive purchase in store after watching the demo of Vitamix. LOL
IMG_20150607_171348 Continue reading My new kitchen toy: Vitamix. Worth invested!!

Kitchen time saver: Pressure cooker. Absolutely LOVE it!!

I have been thinking about buying a pressure cooker for a long time. Since I constantly make stew or soups, having a pressure cooker can save so much time in kitchen and hopefully our utility bill as well.

Originally I was looking at electrical pressure cookers since they seem to be multi-functional, safer, and have different timer settings. It seems to be a good choice for a pressure cooker beginner who has heard lots of rumors about pressure cooker explosion. Continue reading Kitchen time saver: Pressure cooker. Absolutely LOVE it!!

My new toy: Garlic Press 廚房新寵-省時省力的好幫手

I’m never really a big fan of single purpose kitchen tools. Usually I think they are space consuming and not really helping a lot. However, Mr. Big found this channel on Youtube reviewing garlic press changed my mind.

After trying a couple times on this new toy, it really amazed me on the great time saving and performance of the flavor turns out on dishes with this thing. Continue reading My new toy: Garlic Press 廚房新寵-省時省力的好幫手

How to peel tomatoes

This is a easy tip for peeling tomatoes. When making stew or soup, using peeled tomatoes can have better looking, better texture and easier to cook out the flavor.

First, you need to cut a small cross at the bottom of each tomato.

Boil water and soak the tomatoes in the hot water for about 1 minute. Continue reading How to peel tomatoes

The most EFFECTIVE way to eat rotisserie chicken 雞盡其用,Costco 烤雞吃法大全 – 準備篇

Every time when I walk by the deli section of supermarket or Costco rotisserie chickens, the sense of smell and the juicy looks of these delicious meat just always triggers my urge to buy one home and enjoy.

However, a whole chicken leftovers can be a headache especially for single people or small families. Today, I’m going to tell you what would be the BEST way to eat the rotisserie chicken and make it Bang for Your Buck!!! Continue reading The most EFFECTIVE way to eat rotisserie chicken 雞盡其用,Costco 烤雞吃法大全 – 準備篇