Japanese Mackerel Meal Set and Basic Miso Soup 薄鹽鯖魚定食與基礎日式味噌湯


As the weather become warmer, J and I started to plan getting rid of the couple pounds we still carry since our holiday and winter fest. However, I would never sacrifice the taste and enjoyable meal experience to fight with my weight. Here is one completely healthy Japanese pan fried Mackerel meal set with Japanese style salad, sesame sauce okra and eggplants. miso soup, and rice. Not only the whole meal contains minimum amount of oil, but it is very tasty and filling. Not to mention good looking when you place them all on table.

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Quick and easy Naan Bread Pizza 簡單又方便的印度烤餅Pizza

This Naan bread pizza is super easy to make and taste so good!!

The pizza crust is always one key to have a successful pizza. You want to have the chewy, slightly crisp, and not too thick texture. Naan bread plays a great role in owning these three criteria. Also, it saves a lot of time and effort for mixing the dough, wait for the rising, and roll the dough into a crust.

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Spinach rolls, the healthy low carb diet 清爽健康的開胃菜,胡麻/ 蒜蓉菠菜卷

This is one of J’s favorite dishes. It’s so simple and easy to prepare, but with incredible taste. Quoted from him: I could just inhale a whole pack of spinach like this!! 🙂

Just to bare in mind the spinach would shrink rapidly after you boil them and especially after you squeeze out the water. I used one whole bag of spinach (about 10-12 heads) and turned out to be the small plate I shown in the picture (about 3 rolls.) I normally serve this cold as an appetizer or side dish. Therefore, you can prepare it ahead of time while you cook other dishes without worrying the dish turns cold.

Best of all, it contains minimum amount of oil and is really healthy for your diet. It tastes really refreshing but flavorful. Works really well with all kinds of main dishes. Continue reading Spinach rolls, the healthy low carb diet 清爽健康的開胃菜,胡麻/ 蒜蓉菠菜卷

Chinese meatballs stew 年菜系列: 紅燒獅子頭

This is the taste of memory…

Another Wu Mom’s signature dish for Chinese New Year: the Chinese meatball stew. I still remember she standing in the kitchen for a whole afternoon or whole evening to chop, mix, knead, smash the meat. The best part was when she started to deep fry the meatballs. The aroma spreaded throughout the house. When you saw these little meatballs mountains, you couldn’t resist but want to immediately try one. Mom would always yelled: back off!! they are not done yet!!! Then she would look for a smaller meatball to fry a little longer till it was thoroughly cooked to let me try one.

After she finished frying these meatballs, she would store them in the freezer. They are good for months. The finished meatballs stew is slow cooked in Chinese cabbage and king mushrooms until the meat sauce and the juice from the vegetable melt into each other. The soft, juicy, and aromatic meatballs with the vegetable sauce tasted sooooo good!!!

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Pan-fried Stuffed Buns (Shui jian bao) 夜市小吃: 高麗菜水煎包

This is one of typical Taiwanese street vendors food. If you ever visit Taiwan, one place you must not miss out is the “night markets” where there are full of food stands, little shops, and drinks. Shui jian bao is one of the very common food you would see in these street markets.

It is very tasty with freshly made, soft on top but crispy at the bottom skin with juicy stuffing. Be careful, it is really hot!! Add a little bit of hot sauce or hoisin sauce… mmm just taste amazing. Continue reading Pan-fried Stuffed Buns (Shui jian bao) 夜市小吃: 高麗菜水煎包

Quiche with turkey leftovers 法式鹹派

Leftovers are always a headache for small families. I just used turkey leftover from Thanksgiving and turn it into a brand new dish. The perfect weekend brunch!!!


You can always prepare more pie crust dough and just freeze it. I would defrost the dough the night before making pies and then roll it onto the pie pan and put it back to the fridge. In this way, the pie shell would have enough time to rest in the fridge to prevent shrinking from baking. Continue reading Quiche with turkey leftovers 法式鹹派

Bacon Hasselback Potatoes 培根烤風琴馬鈴薯

So easy to make but taste so good!! The the hasselback cut baked potatoes can easily absorb the smoky flavor from bacon which makes a perfect side dish. Continue reading Bacon Hasselback Potatoes 培根烤風琴馬鈴薯