Tortilla de patatas (Spanish Omelette) 西班牙馬鈴薯烘蛋

This is a very easy to prep and make Sunday Brunch dishes. I pan fried some crispy bacon first and just use the bacon fat to fry my potatoes. This adds a little more smoky flavor to the dish. You can also substitute the vegetables into any other ingredients as your preference. I just love mushrooms and spinach.

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The healthy and yummy Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich 大滿足費城牛肉起士三明治

This could be the best sunday brunch sandwiches or a great but easy meal for working day dinner.

I really like the Torta bread I bought from Costco. It has a really nice and crispy crust and chewy body texture. The size of each bread is perfect. Not too big nor too small. Just toast the bread with shredded cheese on top till it melts. So yum!!! Continue reading The healthy and yummy Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich 大滿足費城牛肉起士三明治

Japanese Mackerel Meal Set and Basic Miso Soup 薄鹽鯖魚定食與基礎日式味噌湯


As the weather become warmer, J and I started to plan getting rid of the couple pounds we still carry since our holiday and winter fest. However, I would never sacrifice the taste and enjoyable meal experience to fight with my weight. Here is one completely healthy Japanese pan fried Mackerel meal set with Japanese style salad, sesame sauce okra and eggplants. miso soup, and rice. Not only the whole meal contains minimum amount of oil, but it is very tasty and filling. Not to mention good looking when you place them all on table.

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Quick and easy Naan Bread Pizza 簡單又方便的印度烤餅Pizza

This Naan bread pizza is super easy to make and taste so good!!

The pizza crust is always one key to have a successful pizza. You want to have the chewy, slightly crisp, and not too thick texture. Naan bread plays a great role in owning these three criteria. Also, it saves a lot of time and effort for mixing the dough, wait for the rising, and roll the dough into a crust.

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Quiche with turkey leftovers 法式鹹派

Leftovers are always a headache for small families. I just used turkey leftover from Thanksgiving and turn it into a brand new dish. The perfect weekend brunch!!!


You can always prepare more pie crust dough and just freeze it. I would defrost the dough the night before making pies and then roll it onto the pie pan and put it back to the fridge. In this way, the pie shell would have enough time to rest in the fridge to prevent shrinking from baking. Continue reading Quiche with turkey leftovers 法式鹹派

Baked Zucchini Parmesan Chips 烤起士櫛瓜脆片

This is such an easy to prepare, healthy but flavorful dish that would be a great vegetable side for Thanksgiving dinner!! Continue reading Baked Zucchini Parmesan Chips 烤起士櫛瓜脆片

Whole Tomato Rice with Omelette 整顆蕃茄蛋包飯 簡單到不可思議!!


This “Whole Tomato Rice” dish is recently so popular in Japan and Taiwan. The original recipe is really simple with one whole tomato cook with rice and mix it together. I’ve read some really good reviews and the fact that it’s so simple and tasty makes me eager to try it out!!

I combined this dish with the Japanese style omelette rice. Just simply replace the ketchup fried rice with this whole tomato rice. It turns out tasting so good and much healthier and easier with much less oil contained. Wanna give it a try as well? Let’s get started!! Continue reading Whole Tomato Rice with Omelette 整顆蕃茄蛋包飯 簡單到不可思議!!