Lemon glazed madeleines 檸檬糖霜瑪德蓮

The French pastry Madeleines are famous for its signature shell shaped small cake/cookies and the lemon flavor. They are so cute looking which would be the perfect match for afternoon tea time with a cup of tea or coffee.

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Sweet Potato Frosting Cupcake 地瓜泥杯子蛋糕

We just had our first snow for this year a couple days ago. Looking at the snow outside of the window inspired me for this dessert idea. The toasted marshmallow looks so cute and so much like the snow on the treetop.

I like my cupcakes serve warm. The sweet potato frosting mixes in the crunchy texture of toasted pecan and marshmallow combining with the soft and moist cakes taste like heaven!! Continue reading Sweet Potato Frosting Cupcake 地瓜泥杯子蛋糕