Vegetable Oyako-don (Chicken-Egg-Don) 鮮蔬野菇親子丼

This is such an easy and nutritious dinner. In one bowl, you get everything you need for a meal with meat, vegetables, egg, and rice. And it only takes about 30-40 minutes from preparation to finish. Isn’t it perfect for working wives or moms?

The traditional Japanese Oyako-don (Chicken-Egg-Don) contains onion, chicken, and egg. However, I added a little more vegetables including cabbage and king oyster mushrooms. These vegetables adds a little more sweetness to the sauce and will well absorb and blend with the soy sauce flavor. Also, most of the recipes would add a little mirin (one common Japanese sweet cooking wine) to the dishes. I normally substitute with just low sodium soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar. The taste was as great as the ones I had in Japan. These are my little twists to the original recipe.

Servings: 2     Total Time: 40 mins       Difficulty: easy


  • 2 chicken thighs cut into 1 inch chunks
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1 large onion cut in lengthwise strips
  • 1 King oyster mushroom cut in strips
  • 2-3 leaves of cabbage cut in strips
  • Minced scallion 2 tbsp
  • Sake or Rice wine 3 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Soy sauce 3 tbsp
  • Some water (optional)


  • When cutting the chicken thighs, trim off some chicken skin to fry in a heated large pan, then dispose the excess fat and skin. Use the chicken fat to saute onion until soft.
  • When the onion strips are golden and soft, stir fry in chicken thigh chunks and sear the meat. Then pour in rice wine, sugar, and soy sauce. Put on the lid, turn down the heat to medium to small, and simmer for about 5 mins. Since the vegetables will generate a lot of liquid while simmering, I didn’t add extra water this time. You could adjust the liquid to your personal preference. DSC05385
  • Add the chopped vegetables into the onion-meat sauce. Keep simmering for another 3-5 mins until the vegetables are cooked and soft. DSC05390
  • See!! These vegetables did generate lots of liquid. You can open up the lid and cook down the sauce a little bit, or add a little cornstarch paste to thicken the sauce. I love my sauce with rice, so I didn’t add any cornstarch into this dish. I just open the lid and cook for another 2-3 mins to evaporate the water. DSC05391
  • When the sauce is ready, turn off the heat, pour in the beaten eggs, sprinkle chopped scallions, then put on the lid for about 2-3 mins before serving. How long to keep the lid on depends on how you would like your eggs. If you like it well-done, then keep the lid a little bit longer. The residual heat on the stove and pan will keep cooking the eggs. DSC05394
  • Scoop the meat, vegetable, and egg sauce onto a large rice bowl. Oyako-don (Chicken-Egg-Don) ready to serve!!!DSC05398






  • 2 個無骨雞腿排,切大塊
  • 2 顆全蛋,打散
  • 1 顆大洋蔥,切絲
  • 1 棵杏鮑菇,切粗條
  • 2-3 片高麗菜葉,切粗條
  • 蔥花 2 大匙
  • 米酒或清酒 3 大匙
  • 糖 1 大匙
  • 醬油 3 大匙
  • 水 (可不加)


  • 在切雞腿排時,切一點雞皮先用平底鍋乾煸出油,並將多餘的肥肉和雞皮丟掉。用雞油拌炒洋蔥絲。
  • 當洋蔥絲呈現金黃變軟的時候,加入雞腿肉,炒到上色後,加入米酒、糖、和醬油,轉中小火悶煮約 5 分鐘。因為蔬菜會出大量的水,所以我沒有額外加水,可以視情況還有個人偏好調整。
  • 加入切好的蔬菜條,繼續悶煮約 3-5 分鐘,或到蔬菜煮熟變軟。
  • 蔬菜會出很多水,可以打開鍋蓋稍微讓水分蒸發一些,或是加一點太白粉水讓湯汁變濃稠,我喜歡用湯汁拌飯吃,所以沒有用太白粉水,完全是蔬菜自然出的水分
  • 稍微煮一下收乾一點點,就可以關火,倒入蛋汁,撒上蔥花,然後蓋鍋蓋悶 2-3 分鐘。爐子和醬汁的餘溫會慢慢煮熟蛋汁,悶的時間可以看你喜歡多熟的蛋決定喔!
  • 在盛好飯的大碗淋上熱騰騰剛煮好的雞肉、蔬菜、蛋和醬汁,鮮蔬野菇親子丼,上菜!!


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