Super Easy Miso Glazed Salmon 超簡單味噌烤鮭魚

This is a super easy 30 mins dish. It fits perfectly for a working mom’s dinner schedule. While it is in the oven, you can have time to prep other dishes. Also, it taste sooooo good!!! You got to try!!


Servings: 2-3      Total Time: 40 mins       Difficulty: super easy


  • Salmon steaks 2 lbs
  • Miso paste 2 tbsp
  • Rice wine or sake 2-3 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tsp (optional)

The miso I used is Shiro white miso. It’s a little salty and less sweet. You can taste your miso paste first and adjust the taste to your preference. I added a little sugar this time which is optional.


  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Well mix miso, rice wine, and sugar in a large bowl.DSC05183
  • Put the salmon steaks in the bowl to coat miso paste onto each side of the steak and then place on a baking sheet.DSC05185
  • Bake in 375°F oven for 25 to 30 mins. Then ready to serve!! DSC05186


這道料理簡單又好吃!! 實在是職業婦女晚餐菜色的好幫手阿~ 備菜完全不費工夫,剩下的就交給烤箱處理,在等待烤的時間還可以準備其他的料理,下班後輕輕鬆鬆就可以上菜吃飯囉!!


  • 鮭魚菲力 2 塊
  • 味噌 2 大匙
  • 米酒或清酒 2-3 大匙
  • 糖 1 小匙 (可省略)


  • 預熱烤箱 375°F。在大碗中將味噌、米酒、糖均勻攪拌。
  • 鮭魚排洗淨後,放到大碗中裹上拌好的味噌醬,每面都要均勻沾上,再擺到鋪好錫箔紙的烤盤上。
  • 送進預熱好的烤箱烤約 25 到 30 分鐘,就可以上菜囉!!

是不是超簡單~ 沒吃完的鮭魚還可以做炒飯、鮭魚茶泡飯,都很美味喔!!

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Mon's Tasty Life

Hi, I'm Monica from Taiwan, currently live in Maryland USA. I love to experiment new recipes, try all kinds of foods, and mostly I love to explore the world and have a spectacular life.


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