Black Bean Soymilk 黑豆漿

I always have the impression of making own soymilk is so troublesome. The traditional ways to make it needs overnight soaks, grind the beans, filter the milk and then carefully boil it but not to burn it. So many steps….

After I got the Vitamix, lots of friends told me they use it to blend soymilk and it turns out really simple and tastes great. The best part is, you can blend the serving for the day each time. Since the natural soymilk spoils really fast, the traditional method which makes a big pod of soymilk bothers small family size like mine. With this method, I can just freeze the beans and took out whatever portion you are planning on making. Very convenient and simple

Just keep in mind. Blend with 1 cup of cooked beans with 3 cups of water and 1-2 tbsp of sugar (depend on your preference.)


  • Dried soybeans 2 cup
  • Dried black beans 2 cup


  • In a large pot, clean and soak all dried beans in water for overnight or 8 hours. DSC05012
  • After 8 hours, the dried beans will grow almost twice in size.DSC05014
  • Drain the beans and steam for about 30-40 mins.DSC05024
  • The ratio to make soymilk is 1 cup cooked beans with 3 cups water. You can serve either warm or cold. I just choose the hot soup mode on my Vitamix machine and let it run the whole program. Then I have the smooth and tasty black bean soymilk as my breakfast!!!IMG_20150627_100506
  • You can store the rest of the cooked beans in freezer for future use.DSC05055



而且辛辛苦苦做了一大鍋豆漿,一兩天內沒喝完很快就臭掉了。對於人口少的小家庭真的很困擾阿~ 自從敗入Vitamix果汁機之後,很多朋友一直跟我說可以用他打鮮豆漿,很方便又香濃好喝,看完簡化的做法之後覺得真得滿方便的,更讚的是蒸好的豆子可以放在冷凍庫保存,喝多少打多少,就不會有辛辛苦苦做一鍋沒喝完臭掉的風險。我喜歡!!



  • 乾黃豆 2 杯
  • 乾黑豆 2 杯


  • 乾黃豆和乾黑豆洗淨後用清水浸泡整夜或 8 小時 (泡好的豆子大概會長 2 倍大)
  • 瀝乾泡好的黃、黑豆,蒸約 30 – 40 分鐘 (大同電鍋外鍋水 2 杯)
  • 蒸熟豆子之後就可以打豆漿囉!比例大約是 1 杯熟豆子:3 杯水 和 1-2 大匙糖 (我用黑糖,更香更好喝)
  • 可以打溫豆漿或是冰豆漿都好喝呦~ Vitamix有直接設定好的熱湯模式,跑完流程就直接是熱的豆漿了,很方便。
  • 沒有打完的豆子可以放涼後,冷凍保存,每次要喝的時候拿適量出來打豆漿,很簡單又營養的早餐,輕輕鬆鬆就完成啦~

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