[VA] Copper Fox Distillery, the real craftsmanship 維吉尼亞州,銅狐狸威士忌蒸餾廠 堅持手工One 傳統的香醇

Recommendation: 100%

I ran into this place online when I was looking up attractions and things to do around Shenandoah National Park for our two day, one night little trip to VA. I found this Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop on Discover Shenandoah website. Sounds very intriguing!! Especially when J is a big whiskey lover and I have never really visit a distillery before.

Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop

Once I clicked into the link and looked into the map, there was only one distillery and numerous wineries and restaurant. Copper Fox Distillery soon caught my eyes and we decided to point it as “must visit” on our trip this time.

It has not let us down at all!!!

Before you visit, make sure you wrote down its address and bring your GPS with you. Our cell phone has 0 signal in that area (T…); however, I couldn’t find it on the GPS by searching the name either. Getting to the area close by wasn’t hard based on the simple map above. The sign indicates Copper Fox Distillery needs a little improvement though. It is located at the end of a very small alley while you would think you run into somebody’s house at first you turned.


Once you turn into the complex, you would see a bunch of little shops and cafe. Just keep driving to the parking lot at the end, you would see cute and vintage signs pointing directions for you.


It’s hard to tell whether it is open or not from the appearance of the distillery. Just open the door and walk inside. (Forget about the doorbell at the gate. It wasn’t working :P)

Be ready to adjust your sights!! Once you step inside, it’s pretty dark. You will first see a lobby, a small shop and counter on your right hand side, and a tasting area right across the lobby. DSC04761


And of course, you will see Fox everywhere~~~ Don’t know why I have that “Ding Ding Ding” song stuck in my head as soon as I enter this place. LOL



The tour was about 30 mins and VERY INFORMATIVE and highly recommended!!! You will respect the craftsmanship and appreciate the malty aroma in the room much more.

Man carried bags of barley into the washing process
The hand crafted malting process. Manually flip the malt every 6 hours.
Apple and Cherry wood smoking
The spirit distillery process
Smell the spirit 125 prove. So strong
Barrels!!!! Each of them has its own name and story.
The devil’s cut and the angel’s kiss makes you loss the volume of alcohol but gain much more flavor and smoothness of the taste

One other thing that I’m really impressed is each single bottle of the Copper Fox Whiskey is hand wax sealed. Yes, manually wax sealed bottle by bottle, hand to hand!!!!



Turning the bottle and letting the wax dripping down makes a little swirl on top of each bottle which also indicates “C” as Copper. How cute and special!!
Lining up the products for smelling
After the tour, you can go to the tasting area to have up to 3 tasing for $7
We tried basically all whiskey products including the signature single malt, blue cap, 1797, rye whiskey, and the Vir Gin. Among all, the Rye Whiskey surprised us the most. It is smooth, flavorful with a slightly sweet, malty flavor. Love the taste!!!


Website: http://www.copperfox.biz/

Address: 9 River Lane, Sperryville, VA 22740

Phone: (540) 987-8554

Hours: Mon – Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm; Sun 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Tours are FREE, and available every half an hour until close. A tasting is offered in addition to the tour for $7

Youtube Introduction: 

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