Copycat Hot N Juicy Boil~ Let’s get your hands dirty!!!

Absolutely LOVE this recipe!!!! Recommendation: 100% Must Try

After our last visit to Hot N Juicy, me and J kept thinking about the savory, hot, buttery taste of those shrimps. Occasionally we found this video tutoring how to make copycat version of Hot N Juicy cajun boil and garlic butter sauce. It seems not difficult at all!!! And the best part is when making your own Hot N Juicy boil at home, you get to choose what to put include in your meal, the quality of seafood, and you can tweak the taste as much as you want~~~ (Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper LOL)

In the video, it is very clear and simple about two parts: the garlic butter sauce and the boil

Since this is a test fire version, I only used the easy access ingredients in this meal: Shrimps, clams, potatoes, corns, and Italian sausages.



The soul of Hot N Juicy boil, the SAUCE


You want to prepare the garlic butter sauce first:

  • 3-4 sticks of butter
  • 2 heads of fresh garlic minced
  • Red chili powder
  • Old bay seasoning
  • Lemon pepper
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Sugar

I didn’t put the measurement for the seasoning because I can’t measure it… I added a little this and that and kept trying until the taste I like… so… try your version like a small experiment. I just listed the ingredients I had for this time. It tasted great!!! But I would make it more spicy and slightly less lemon pepper. Other than that, it’s awesome!!!

The Boil

For the cron, sausages, and potatoes, I used pressure cooker to cook about 10 minutes before I put them into the boil with seafoods. (So it’s faster to be cooked.)


For the boil, I just used the same as in the video: one package of cajun crab boil and one fresh lemon.


I didn’t know the cajun crab boil seasoning is that salty and spicy…. I used a huge tub of water to boil everything in a big pot. When I tried a small piece of potatoes, it was already pretty salty and spicy. However, after we combined the food with the sauce, the garlic butter sauce definitely covered these taste and brought the food to another layer of flavor.

Combine and Enjoy!!

After all food is cooked, drain in a big pot and just pour the garlic butter sauce to well mix with all ingredients.


Prepare lots of napkins and ice beer!! Let’s get your hands DIRTY~~ So Yum!!!


Thanks to Tony Nelson for sharing such a great recipe~~ Love it!!

09/12/2015 Update Hot N Juicy Boil Part II

So… over the weekend I tried this recipe again but made a little adjustment to it. Taste even better!!

Ingredient-wise: It’s a total upgrade. 🙂 I used snow crabs, blue crabs, shrimps, some potatoes, and bell peppers. You gotta grasp as many crabs before the crab season is over, right?


Sauce-wise: I substitute half of butter into olive oil. Not only for the health reason, but also taste lighter and better. I like this version much better. I won’t get tired of the taste after just a couple bites. Also, I bought a “Cajun seasoning.” My ingredients for the garlic butter cajun boil sauce this time is:

  • 1-2 sticks of butter
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 heads of fresh garlic minced
  • Cajun Seasoning
  • Red chili powder
  • Paprika powder
  • Old bay seasoning
  • Lemon pepper
  • Sugar

Just to be safe, add the lemon pepper and cajun seasoning little by little to adjust the taste. They have strong pungent flavor so you don’t want it to overpower the taste.

IMG_20150912_135910 IMG_20150912_135932

For the boil, I still use cajun seasoning and one lemon. When the seafood is cooked, drain the water and pour over your spicy garlic butter sauce. YumYum!!! What a happy friday. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Copycat Hot N Juicy Boil~ Let’s get your hands dirty!!!”

  1. If you are really going “Cajun style”! The above recipes are ok, but no Cajun ever, I repeat ever used old bay, everyone uses Zatarains crab and crawfish boil either bagged ( what I use ) or liquid


  2. Thank you soooooooo much for ur recipe. I have made it quite a few times, so delicious. My issue is (and it’s probably me) but when I’ve been to hot and juicy and other restaurants that are similar their sauce is thicker and coats much better whereas this recipe is more watery which is not ideal. Can you tell me how their sauce consistency is more thick and chunky because we have tried some ways but it’s just not the same and the thick bits is really part of the flavor experience. Please help.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. At Hot and Juicy they probably make larger batches and the sauce is allowed to reduce for a significant amount of time before being served. I found that even in the rare cases where I’ve had leftovers/takeout from Hot and Juicy, if you reheat the sauce it gets thicker. That’s just my theory. Adding anything to thicken may negatively impact the texture/flavor.


  3. Love the recipe. I’ll try it with substituting olive oil for half the butter. The only thing we don’t like about most recipes is that it calls for lots of butter which is really rich – too rich really.

    Also we put in a tablespoon or two of szechuan paste (Pixian Doubanjiang) for our heat which is great.



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