[Bethesda, MD] Aji-Nippon Restaurant

Recommendation: 55%

There’s an old saying that a rotten apple spoils the whole barrel which best explains my experience with this restaurant… So disappointed with one dish that I would not want to visit again.

This restaurant is right next to the Kenwood Neighborhood. Of course when we visited Kenwood the other day to see the peak bloom of the gorgeous Yoshino cherry blossoms, J and I were both in the mood for some Japanese food. Aji-Nippon pops up with high rating and reviews in that area.

Everything was nice or not bad except for its “Ramen.” Such a disappointment when you thought the “Ramen” in a Japanese restaurant should be something like this:

Instead, what you actually had was this:

Especially when it costs $10 per bowl……. Though it didn’t taste bad, but I felt deceived……..

The restaurant located at a small corner in a shopping area. Looks nice and cute both from the outside and interior.



The Lunch Special menu looks nice as well.


We had one #3 Ramen ($9.95) and one #4 Sushi & Sashimi Combo ($15.95) plus one Tempura ($5.95) as appetizers.

The Sushi & Sashimi Combo lunch special includes a salad and miso soup. Well, these two sides are just average, taste as it supposed to be.


The Tempura is really good!!! With the price, you get one deep fried shrimp, green bean, sweet potato, and squash. The coating batter is not too thick nor falling apart from the food. The shrimp is fresh and cooked just right. Most of all, they use Tempura sauce (a less salty, sweet Soba tsuyu,) not the regular soy sauce for the Tempura. (Thumbs up!!)


The sushi & sashimi combo was a little smaller than I thought. But everything tasted alright. The fish quality was up to the standard, the sushi rice was not bad but could be a little softer with stronger vinegar taste. Afterall, it was not bad as a lunch special choice.


Then, there came the last straw… the Fake Ramen


Even though with the “shichimi” powder (Japanese hot seasoning,) vegetables, small chicken chunks, beaten eggs, still can’t cover the instant noodle soup taste.


Well…. I learned a lesson… I would definitely look for photos of the ramen for any Japanese restaurant in this area before I order in the future….. 😥

The fresh cantaloupe treat after meal~




Restaurant: Aji-Nippon Restaurant

Address: 6937 Arlington Rd Bethesda, MD 20814‎

Menu Page: http://washingtondc.menupages.com/restaurants/aji-nippon/menu

Phone: (301) 654-0213

Price: $15-25/ person

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