Taiwanese Breakfast Burrito 古早味培根起士蛋餅

This is a really common Taiwanese breakfast. You can easily find it in most of breakfast shops called “Dan`(egg)-Bin(pancake).” It’s basically a wrapped omelette with all kinds of ingredients as your choice. The basic traditional Dan-Bin is just pan fried whisked eggs wrapped in pancakes with oyster sauce or hot sauce. However, the variety-loving Taiwanese makes the manu with so much choices and combinations with all kinds of add-ons that you can think of: tuna, cheese, ham, bacon, grilled chicken, sausages, or vegetables… One of my favorite flavor is the bacon and cheese wrap. Yum Yum!!

Breakfast shops are so common and easily found in Taiwan. You can pretty much see at least one every block. They look like the pictures bellow with many pre-made sandwiches lining up and a huge street facing countertop and pan where you can order freshly made breakfast with just $1-$2 on average. Isn’t it nice and convenient?

Of course, now I am away from Taiwan, the breakfast heaven, that I have to make my own whenever I am craving the Taiwanese breakfast. Here it goes!! The yummy Taiwanese breakfast burrito with bacon and cheese:

Servings: 2-3      Total Time: 40 mins       Difficulty: easy


Makes about 3 pancake wraps
  • [Wrap] Bread flour 1 cup
  • [Wrap] Cornstarch 2 tbsp
  • [Wrap] Vegetable oil 1 tsp
  • [Wrap] Water 250 ml
  • [Wrap] Salt 1/8 tsp
  • [Wrap] Minced scallion 2 tbsp
For each Taiwanese Breakfast Burrito
  • 2 whole eggs
  • Minced scallion 1 tbsp
  • 2 bacons
  • Shredded cheese 2 tbsp
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Oyster sauce


  • Mix all [Wrap] ingredients in a large bowl and let it sit for about 10 mins. Using the bread flour can make the wrap more chewy and durable for flipping.


  • Meanwhile, fried the bacon to slightly brown. (Either chewy or crispy as your own preference.)


  • Scoop some batter onto a nonstick pan in medium heat and spread out the batter to a thin layer round pancake.


  • When the wrap has turned to ivory color, flip the pancake for another 30 seconds to 1 min. Then set aside.


  • Beat 2 eggs with scallions in a bowl and then pour into the heated pan.


  • Place a slice of pancake on top of the eggs. Slightly shake the pan to check if the eggs are formed and not stick to the pan. Then flip the pancake over. Place bacon, cheese, freshly cracked black pepper, and a little hot sauce if you like.



  • Cook for another 1 or 2 mins. Then slowly roll the pancake into a wrap. Slice the wrap into about 1 inch pieces. Drizzle some oyster sauce and sriracha sauce. Then ready to serve!!




搬來美國定居之後,最懷念台灣的其中一件事就是:巷口沒有早餐店!!!!! 一想到以前上班/上學途中,每個轉角巷口幾乎都有各種早餐店,又便宜又方便又好吃營養的早餐唾手可得,超級懷念的~

各種蛋餅是我以前常常喜歡吃的台式早餐之一,好想念外酥內Q的古早味蛋餅皮,配上厚厚香香的蔥蛋、培根和起士,再配上一點醬油膏和辣椒醬…. 想到就流口水啦!!  可惜這裡的亞洲超市都只有賣冷凍的超薄蛋餅皮,口感不太好。稍微研究了一下,發現其實自製蛋餅皮好像不難,就心血來潮試做看看囉!

之前用過一般的中筋麵粉做過一次,結果餅皮不Q而且很容易一翻面就破了,有點失敗… 這回乖乖的改用高筋麵粉,做出來的蛋餅皮超成功的喔!! 外面煎的”恰恰”,裡面餅皮口感Q軟,而且用不沾鍋煎可以用少少的油,超好吃的 (開心~)


麵糊約可做 3 張蛋餅皮
  • [餅皮麵糊] 高筋麵粉 1 杯
  • [餅皮麵糊] 玉米粉或太白粉 2 大匙
  • [餅皮麵糊] 蔬菜油或沙拉油 1 小匙
  • [餅皮麵糊] 冷水 250 ml
  • [餅皮麵糊] 鹽 1/8 小匙
  • [餅皮麵糊] 蔥花 2 大匙
每份蛋餅 (配料可以依自己喜歡的口味替換喔)
  • 2 顆全蛋
  • 蔥花 1 大匙
  • 2 片培根
  • 乳酪絲 2 大匙
  • 粗粒黑胡椒 少許
  • 甜辣醬 少許
  • 蠔油/ 素蠔油 少許


  • 將所有 [餅皮麵糊] 材料拌勻,醒約 10 分鐘備用
  • 同時,將培根片煎好備用 (喜歡軟的或脆的培根片口感自己決定喔!)
  • 不沾鍋加少許油,中火預熱,舀一大湯匙麵糊到鍋中,用湯匙將麵糊抹勻成一個圓形薄餅
  • 等麵皮成形變色後,翻面再煎 30 秒到 1 分鐘,放到盤子中備用 (可以一次多煎一些,中間用烤盤紙或是保鮮膜分隔就可以放冰箱保存,下次做蛋餅就很方便囉!)
  • 打散 2 顆蛋和蔥花,倒入平底鍋中,放上一片蛋餅皮,等蛋液成形後,輕搖鍋子確定沒有黏鍋,翻面並在邊邊放上培根片、乳酪絲、黑胡椒和一點甜辣醬或素蠔油,再煎約 1 至 2 分鐘後,捲起蛋餅捲就可以上菜囉!
  • 蛋餅捲切好,淋上一點素蠔油跟辣椒醬,吃早餐囉! 


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