[DC] Hot N Juicy- really HOT!!!

Recommendation: 85%

Another really popular restaurant!! Once you registered at the entrance, anticipate around 1.5-2 hours waiting until you get a seat.

However, the food really worth the waiting. Make sure you have enough water. It’s sooo good but soooo hot!! 😉 

Just like other cajun style seafoods, you would have a small apron and gloves. It is served in a plastic bag with lots of hot sauce mixed with your choices of shrimps, crawfish, crab legs, corn, and sausages. (Hot n Juicy Menu)


So what’s different between Hot n Juicy and other cajun seafood places? You can “customize” your meal!! with 5 flavors of seasoning, 4 levels of spiciness, and choices of seafood and sides in your hot and juicy bags.


We chose Juicy Cajun seasoning with level 3 spiciness. The sauce is just right sweetness and saltiness. However, we may just have level 1 or 2 spiciness next time. I can’t feel my lips after a couple bites. LOL Not to mention the next morning….(you know… XD)

Prepare to have double layers of gloves and some extras to be standing by. Along with ice water or beer right next to you before you start. Trust me, you will need them. 😉

For what to be included in your bags? I would recommend you must have shrimps!!!!! Crab legs are also good but they cost a little more. I’m not really a fan of crawfish though… You spend more time liking off the sauce from the shells than having the meat. The crawfish shell to meat ratio is about 90/10, so after 2-3 crawfish I just felt meah. Corns are ok but it’s more like a filler to make you full. However, I do not recommend the sausages. They are really salty with minimum flavor. All you taste is salty meat coating with cajun sauce. (not a fan either)

Next time, I would just make it simple with shrimps or crab legs with maybe one corn. I really like the shrimps. They are very fresh and sweet with the crunchy texture. Plus the savory sauce~~ yumyum!!


We also tried the calamari with cajun sauce as appetizer. Another “Good Job” choice!!! So good!!!!


Restaurant: Hot and Juicy Crawfish

Website: http://hotnjuicycrawfish.com/

Address: 2651 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008

Phone: (202) 299-9448

Price: $30-40/ person

Hot N Juicy on Urbanspoon

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