Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken 韓式辣炒雞

This is a super easy “rice killer” dish. 🙂 Little bit of sweet, little bit of spicy, little bit of savory. The best part is that it’s another one-pan dish. All you need to do is to put all ingredients into one pan and done!! My favorite ways to cook.


Servings: 3-4      Total Time: 30 mins       Difficulty: easy


  • 4 Chicken thigh
  • 1 onion strips
  • 2 small carrot slices
  • 5-6 leaves of cabbage big slices
  • 2 green onions
  • [marinated sauce] 3 tbsp Korean hot paste
  • [marinated sauce] 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • [marinated sauce] 1 tbsp sugar
  • [marinated sauce] 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • [marinated sauce] 1 tsp sesame oil
  • [marinated sauce] Minced garlic 3 cloves
  • [marinated sauce] 1 tbsp rice wine


  1.   Clean and chop the chicken thigh into large pieces and well mixed with marinated sauce. Sit for about 20-30 mins


  1.   Heat up a large sauce pan. Stir fry onions, carrots, and cabbages for about 2 mins, then stir in the marinated chicken. Simmer with lid in medium heat for about 10 mins or till the vegetables are soft. Then open the lid to reduce the moist for about 3-5 mins.


  1.   Stir in the green onions before you turn off the heat. And then ready to serve!! Mix the sauce with rice bowls are such a savory meal!!



超簡單又下飯的”一鍋料理”,我最喜歡了~完全不加任何水,用蔬菜自然出的湯汁和甜甜辣辣的韓式辣椒醬加在一起超下飯的!! 如果喜歡年糕Q軟的口感的話加一點韓式年糕就變辣炒年糕囉!或是加一包辛拉麵的麵條也很不賴。


  • 4 塊雞大腿,切大塊
  • 1 顆洋蔥,切絲
  • 2 小棵紅蘿蔔,切片
  • 5-6 葉高麗菜,切粗條
  • 2 根蔥,切段
  • [雞腿醃料] 3 大匙韓式辣椒醬
  • [雞腿醃料] 2 大匙醬油
  • [雞腿醃料] 1 大匙糖
  • [雞腿醃料] 1 大匙白芝麻
  • [雞腿醃料] 1 小匙麻油
  • [雞腿醃料] 3 粒蒜末
  • [雞腿醃料] 1 大匙米酒


  1.   將雞大腿洗淨、切大塊後,和所有雞腿醃料拌勻醃 20-30 分鐘

  2.   熱平底深鍋,拌炒洋蔥、紅蘿蔔與高麗菜約 2 分鐘,加入雞腿與醃料拌勻,蓋上鍋蓋中火悶10分鐘,或到蔬菜變軟。開起鍋蓋再拌炒3-5分鐘將水分稍微收乾。

  3.   起鍋前加入蔥段拌勻,就可以上菜囉!蔬菜本身的鮮甜湯汁加上甜甜辣辣的韓式辣炒雞拌飯好好吃!!

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Mon's Tasty Life

Hi, I'm Monica from Taiwan, currently live in Maryland USA. I love to experiment new recipes, try all kinds of foods, and mostly I love to explore the world and have a spectacular life.


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