[DC] Shake Shack: the longer the line is, the better the food is?

Recommendation: 80%

Originated from a small hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in New York City, Shake Shack has been known for its freshly made burgers with lots of lettuce and tomatoes, its street food culture, and, of course, its long waiting line including the one in DC downtown F street.


Located at the street corner and right next to the Sky Museum, you can see the crowd from the outside. It’s almost impossible to get a seat inside or outside of the store. The average time waiting in the order line plus the pick up line is about 1 hour. Does the food worth the waiting? YES!!!


I would suggest to order to-go instead of dining in store. One, because it’s almost impossible to find a table. Two, even if you are so lucky to get a table, you would feel a lot of pressure while you are trying to enjoy your nice meal with all these waiting crowd watching you eat or constantly ask you if you are ready to leave. There are many picnic area and parks in DC downtown. Just order to-go and find a bench to sit down and enjoy the sunshine and food with no pressure is the best way!!


I love their open kitchen!!! From the ordering counter, you can see their neat and organized kitchen. It’s hard to imagine with all non-stop busy orders and long waiting line, the staff still stays so calm and enjoying their job with no hassle.

The Food


Shack Stack Burger

I first tried the Shake Shack burger in their original store in Madison Square Park and I was falling in love with it since then. My favorite flavor is their Shack Stack burger ($9.49), Cheeseburger and a “Shroom Burger” topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. The Shroom Burger is the crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese. YUM!!! 

ShackMeister Burger- The new limited flavor!!!

The ShackMeister Burger (single, $6.19; double, $8.99) consists of an 100% all-natural Angus beef cheeseburger topped with crispy marinated shallots and ShackSauce. The juicy patty with melted cheese plus the sweet marinated shallots just melt in your mouth. This new flavor becomes my new favorite!! SO GOOD!!!

The only drawback was I tasted a little rancid odor from the fries and the deep-fried mushrooms this time. The first couple bites were good, but then I tasted the oily aftertaste which made me a little disappointed. Hopefully, this was just one incidence that they were too busy to replace the oil, not that the quality of the food actually gone worse. 😦


Restaurant: Shake Shack

Website: https://www.shakeshack.com/location/f-street-dc/

Address: 800 F Street NW, (Corner of 9th Street NW), Washington, DC 20004

Phone: (202) 800-9930

Price: $8-15/ person

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