[Ellicott City, MD] Bonchon Chicken 超好吃一口接一口韓式炸雞

Recommendation: 90%

The perfect indulgence treat for Friday night!!!!! A huge box of Korean fried chicken with beer!!! Mmmmm…


What’s so special about Korean Fried Chicken? It’s much less greasy, with crispy breading with sweet and spicy sauces. It became really popular especially after one Korean Drama “My love from another star” aired last year. Having fried chicken with beer is the cute actress’s favorite food.

We found this Korean Fried Chicken chained store a while ago. It became our favorite fried chicken place. It tastes much better than lots of fried chicken/ wings place including KXC, PopXXXs, HXXters, etc.

There are two kinds of sauces: spicy or non-spicy. I like them both!! The soy and garlic (non-spicy) sauce is a little bit sweeter and have stronger garlic flavor while spicy sauce has enough heat but won’t burn your tongue.


They have pretty good seating area even with sports bar and multiple TVs where you can enjoy the food with games.

Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant

You can also order take-outs. Just remember it takes about 30 mins when you call to place the order until the food is ready for you to pick up.

Their fried chicken is one of the best, but their pickled radish tastes weird. After a couple tries with huge question mark in my mind by how they could possibly make the radish tastes so bad, I told them not to put the side in my meal all the time. 🙂 Anyways, I still LOVE their chicken and sauce. So yum!!


Restaurant: Bonchon Chicken

Website: http://www.bonchon.com/

Address: 3419 Plum Tree Drive Ellicott City, MD 21042

Phone: (410) 465-0515

Menu with Price: http://www.bonchon.com/md/ellicottcity#menu

Bon Chon Chicken on Urbanspoon

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