[Salzburg, AT] Sites around the delicate Salzburg city 精緻小巧的薩爾斯堡景點

Most of the tourist introductions for the three most famous and popular themes for the delicate city Salzburg in Austria are Mozart, the scene of Sound of Music, and Churches.

The city itself is not so big. As you can see the spots shown on the map below are all within walking distance. However, the Salzburg Hbf (main train station) is located a little northwest side of the city which you can either take a 5 mins bus ride or 15-20 mins walk to the downtown Salzburg.

Salzburg City Map

There are some satellite towns or sites not far from the city Salzburg such as the beautiful town Hallstatt and the Hellbrunn Palace and the trick fountains.

However, lots of the sites around Hallstatt are closed during winter, so as the Hellbrunn Palace. Plus, factor in the round trip traffic time to visit these sites while we only have 2 days in Salzburg. We decided to reserve some for the next visit. Isn’t this the beauty of traveling? You always have some left out so you will have a reason to come back in the future. 🙂

Coming up, I’m going to introduce some places in Salzburg city that we visited with recommendation and information.

The Getreidegasse

Recommendation: 65%

This is the most famous shopping lane in Salzburg City which almost everyone who visited Salzburg won’t miss out. However, this lane is sort of short. You can walk from the beginning to the end within 1 hour with minimum stopping. Moreover, over half of the shops are souvenir shops and they all sell similar stuff. Unless you really love shopping touristy souvenirs, I would suggest planning on stopping here just to take some pictures and move on to your next stop.

The rainy scene of Getreidegasse

Mozart and Salzburg

Salzburg is where the great genius musician, Leopold Mozart, born and raised. He also spend a great period of time lived in Salzburg with his family later on in his life. There are two museums regarding Mozart’s biography, the Mozart’s Birthplace and the Mozart’s Residence. Not only the two showcases of his lives and families. The whole city is filled with Mozart related products and activities such as Mozart Chocolates, all kinds of souvenirs, even Mozart concert dinners.

We traveled over 2,500 hundred miles to visit a city renowned for it’s rich history, timeless sights, and moving architecture. Instead, we were greeted with tourist maps and shop signs plastered with everything mozart related. From the beer mugs and mini violins, to the various trinkets and even local “mozart chocolate.” I was a little dumb stuck that there was so much.. emphasise put on one persons legacy and disregard on the other historical sights. Salzburg is a well devised, tourist trap. Many of the bus stops drops drop you off strategically at Mozart related locations.

After visiting the Mozart’s birthplace and Mozart’s Residence sites, I recommend to visit the Mozart residence is enough unless you are truly inspired by Mozart and would like to know any detailed family history about this musician. Part of the information and displays in these two sites are duplicated after all. Especially if you have limited time staying in Salzburg, there are much more places worth visiting than these touristy Mozart related attractions and activities.


Both of the sites require tickets but it is included in Salzburg card plus the audio tour.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Recommendation: 60%


Mozart’s Residence

Recommendation: 75%


Churches in Salzburg

When you walk around Salzburg city, you would realize this is a very traditional city and you would be amazed by how it hasn’t been changing a lot. There are many famous medieval churches around the town. The architectures are just a living history and very worth visit.

Salzburg Cathedral

Recommendation: 85%


This is also the city center right in front of the residenzplatz. The interior is magnificent and breath taking.


St. Peter’s Church

Recommendation: 90%

Behind the church, there’s a graveyard where some are over hundreds of years old stones with marvelous carvings.



The interior of the church is very delicate and stunning.


If you would like to know my personal recommended sites for visiting Salzburg city, my top three recommended sites are all not listed above. 😛 The city must invest lots of money to promote the tourist industry with all these convenience tourist information and public transportation systems. However, I had a feeling of overflowing Mozart all over the place than the attractive city culture itself. If fact, my experiences of visiting other sites impressed me more than the “Mozart experiences.”

Here comes my TOP 3 recommended places in Salzburg:

No. 3 The Mirabell Palace Garden 

(Mon’s Blog Review: http://wp.me/p5e05O-fo)


No. 2 The Augustiner Braustubl Mulln Beer Garden 

(Mon’s Blog Review: http://wp.me/p5e05O-f4)


No. 1 The Fortress Hohensalzburg 

(Mon’s Blog Review: http://wp.me/p5e05O-ef)

Once you get to the fortress, the breathtaking view of the city of Salzburg is all yours!!!
Once you get to the fortress, the breathtaking view of the city of Salzburg is all yours!!!

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