Pressure Cooker Red Bean Dessert Soup with Sesame Sweet Rice Balls 紫米芝麻湯圓紅豆湯

The red bean dessert soup is one of the common traditional street vender desserts in Taiwan during the winter time. The warm, sweet, creamy red bean soup can warm up your stomach and makes me feel happy. It can be the base to other dessert ingredients made from sweet potatoes or sticky rice balls.

The ingredients for the red bean soup is really simple: Red beans, water, and sugar (preferably raw or brown sugar.) Most of the people have the impression of beans being really hard to cook through or it requires a very long time to cook. However, with my pressure cooker, it only took me 20 mins (about 30 mins total) to cook and all of the beans are soft and creamy. 

Just rinse the red beans (do not need to soak in water,) add 3 times the amount of water, then cook in pressure cooker under high pressure for 15-20 mins. When the beans are done, stir in sugar to your preference sweetness. Then you can enjoy your dessert!!


Laurel black glutinous rice sesame balls

I am so happy to see this in the Asian supermarket here!!!! This is the brand of sticky rice dumplings I used to have in Taiwan. It has a tenderly chewy texture with creamy, sweet sesame stuffing. One of my favorite traditional Taiwanese desserts!!!


The method to boil sweet rice balls is similar to boil frozen dumplings. You want to boil water first, when the water is boiling, place in the frozen sweet rice balls (do not need to defrost,) turn the heat to medium and keep boiling for 5-8 mins or until all of the rice balls float to the surface. Then ready to serve!!


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