Rice powder steamed pork ribs 年菜系列: 超簡單粉蒸排骨

This is one of the staple traditional Chinese New Year dishes that my mom always makes every year. I still remember the first couple times J visited Taiwan when he first tasted this dish. He is amazed by the aroma of the meat and the taste of rice powder. Since then, this dish became one of his favorite Chinese dishes.

Mom used sweet potatoes while I twisted a little to switch to yellow potatoes as J requested. 😛 No specific reasons, he just loves yellow potatoes. When all the flavorful meat juice melt in the soft potatoes, that’s also one of my favorite part of the dish. Not to mention how easy it is to make~ Enjoy!!


I used the pork rib tips with a little cartilage this time. You can also try short ribs. They are good, too. The bones add a little more flavor to the dish. However, if you do not like any bones, you can also use pork belly or pork butt.

Servings: 3-4       Total Time: 50 mins         Difficulty: easy


  • Pork rib tips 0.5 lb
  • [Marinade Spices] Garlic 3 cloves
  • [Marinade Spices] Sugar 1 tsp
  • [Marinade Spices] Low sodium soy sauce 2 tbsp
  • [Marinade Spices] Rice wine 2 tbsp
  • [Marinade Spices] Corn Starch 1 tbsp
  • Chinese five spice flavored rice powder 1 pack
  • 2-3 yellow potatoes


  1. Marinade the pork ribs for 15-20 mins.
  2. In a large bowl, place in the skinned potato chops. Coat the pork ribs with flavored rice powder then place on top of the potatoes.
  3. Steam the bowl for 25-30 mins (or I just put it in the steamer with 2 rice cups of water.) Then ready to serve!!

DSC03950 DSC03956

年菜系列: 超簡單粉蒸排骨





  • 豬小排 0.5 磅
  • [醃料] 大蒜 3 粒
  • [醃料] 糖1 小匙
  • [醃料] 薄鹽醬油 2 大匙
  • [醃料] 米酒 2 大匙
  • [醃料] 玉米粉 1 大匙
  • 五香蒸肉粉 1 包
  • 金黃馬鈴薯 2-3 小顆


  1. 將豬小排放入醃料中拌勻,醃 15-20 分鐘
  2. 在大碗中放入削皮、切大塊的馬鈴薯。將醃好的豬小排裹上蒸肉粉後,放在馬鈴薯塊上
  3. 大火蒸25-30分鐘,或用電鍋外鍋2杯水蒸好後,就可以上桌囉!!

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