Kitchen time saver: Pressure cooker. Absolutely LOVE it!!

I have been thinking about buying a pressure cooker for a long time. Since I constantly make stew or soups, having a pressure cooker can save so much time in kitchen and hopefully our utility bill as well.

Originally I was looking at electrical pressure cookers since they seem to be multi-functional, safer, and have different timer settings. It seems to be a good choice for a pressure cooker beginner who has heard lots of rumors about pressure cooker explosion.

After reading through many reviews and try to compare the right size for a small family, J and I decided to buy this WMF 8.5L Perfect Plus pressure cooker. I found a very interesting website reviews a lot of cookwares:

Also, there are youtube videos teaching what to look for in pressure cookers: 

And of course, comparison between electric pressure cooker versus the traditional pressure cooker: 

The points of electric pressure cooker being too space consuming, not enough pressure and harder to clean really hit me on making decisions. Also, knowing you can only fill up 2/3 of your pressure cooker makes me even want a bigger pot. You can always put less in your pot. But if you get a smaller pot to start with, you’re limited from the beginning.

We just love it after a couple try. It is all made in Germany, 18/10 stainless steel, very easy to operate. It has many user friendly features such as the removable handle from the lid which makes easier to clean.

WMF Pressure Cooker

One of my favorite designs is the quick release steam comes out in an opposite direction unlike most of pressure cookers. This way, I don’t have to worry about being burnt by the steam. 

WMF Pressure Cooker1

The manual is really useful with a clear cooking chart for different kinds of meat and cuts with many recipes. The pot retains heat really well. I have already used this pressure cooker to make pho, beef stews, and braised pork belly. All taste amazing and saved up so much time!!

我的廚房好物再一發:WMF 8.5L 壓力鍋 開箱文~



  • 傳統壓力鍋比較不佔空間
  • 實際產生的壓力更大,更節省烹調時間,也更省能源
  • 傳統壓力鍋才有做比較大的容量,對於喜歡煮湯湯水水的慢燉料理最適合用大鍋煮了,電子壓力鍋大部分都只有6Q左右的容量,看到實際的大小覺得一定不夠用阿~放幾塊牛大骨就再見了!!


  • 全鍋 18/10 不鏽鋼,且 Made in Germany 很誘人阿
  • 他有大容量的 8.5L (這是我選購的重點之一,就是容量要夠大)
  • 壓力鍋蓋容易打開跟蓋上,看到老媽每次跟義大利快鍋那彎曲難解的鍋蓋奮鬥,總覺得壓力鍋的蓋子也太難打開了吧… 要吃頓好的得先費上吃奶的力氣 (媽~下回我送你一個好用的,你試試看吧!)
  • 鍋蓋的把手跟橡膠墊圈可以拆開,非常好清洗~
  • 最喜歡的功能: 他的快速洩壓蒸氣是噴反方向!!! 不像大部分的壓力鍋一撥開洩壓閥馬上蒸氣就來勢洶洶的噴出來,這支鍋蓋超優秀,完全不會有被燙傷的疑慮。

開鍋到目前為止已經試煮了好幾道,越南河粉湯、紅燒牛肉、東坡肉都花少少的時間就有很軟嫩好吃的料理~ 壓力鍋真的是每個廚房必備的好物之一阿!!

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