My new toy: Garlic Press 廚房新寵-省時省力的好幫手

I’m never really a big fan of single purpose kitchen tools. Usually I think they are space consuming and not really helping a lot. However, Mr. Big found this channel on Youtube reviewing garlic press changed my mind.

After trying a couple times on this new toy, it really amazed me on the great time saving and performance of the flavor turns out on dishes with this thing.

What they claimed on the video was right!! The small and even pieces of garlic actually deliver a stronger and better flavor to the dishes than hand minced garlic. Not to mention the best part of this press is you don’t even need to peel the cloves which normally is the most troublesome part. Surprisingly, the waste of garlic is really minimum and it is pretty easy to operate with small and weak hands like mine. 🙂

我的廚房新寵: 不銹鋼壓蒜器



試用幾次之後,發現這支小東西還真不賴!! 第一,他是全不銹鋼打造,耐用、好清洗又時尚;蒜粒只要洗乾淨,不需要剝皮直接放進去,就可以壓出來大小適中的蒜末,不會過細或是壓成汁,重點是幾乎沒有甚麼浪費的蒜。而且不需要很費力,小手也適用喔!!


Here is another interesting review on the new innovation of cookwares that is not really useful 另外一支影片介紹一些”無用”的新廚具設計,滿有趣的可以看看:

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