[Columbia, MD] AN LOI Vietnamese Restaurant 清淡爽口的越南河粉

Recommendation: 60%

Beef noodle soup is always one of my favorite food no matter what kind. Vietnamese Pho is one kind that I love and despise at the same time. Love it because a good broth can have a great flavorful blend with basil, lime juice, and beef; also, it’s normally inexpensive but filling. However, I hate it because majority of the broth I tasted is fake or MSG heavy. Therefore, I rarely go out and buy pho unless I found one place that has genuine broth.

Mr. Big is recently obsessed with one of the food shows of Luke Nguyen, a Vietnamese chef who was born in Thailand, grew up in Australia, and traveled throughout Vietnam to demonstrate all kinds of Vietnamese cuisines on the streets or little food stands.

After watching a couple shows, we both have strong craves for Vietnamese dishes. 🙂 AN LOI is one of the Vietnamese restaurants in our area that has higher ratings and I read some reviews mentioned its broth doesn’t have strong MSG taste. Why not give it a try?


The location is very convenient near the shopping district with large parking space. Seating is quite decent and clean. But it is more like an “Americanized” store layout with bigger space, ice water and napkins. I’m not sure how authentic the food would be but I’m not Vietnamese either. 😛

I’m not a big fan of the Vietnamese summer roll personally. I never understand the combination of rice noodle skin wrap with more rice noodles in the rolls which presents a very starchy texture, but I would love to try out their deep fried spring rolls as appetizer.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls

I don’t recommend this dish…. It is crispy. And that’s it. I can’t really tell what the stuffing is and the ground pork-ish filling has a very slight rancid odor which turns the whole dish off to me.

I’m glad at least the pho didn’t let me down completely.

P9- Pho An Loi- Slices of eye round steak, well-done flank, brisket, soft tendon, bible tripe & beef ball with rice noodles

The broth, the soul of a bowl of beef noodle soup, is clear, not too salty, but flavorful. I would say I can still taste a little MSG in there. However, it is within the acceptable range unlike some other places.

They are quite generous on the meat and vegetables as you can see in the picture. 🙂 The steak and flank slices are very tender and well cooked. Beef balls, on the other hand, didn’t outstand from all these toppings. (I’m not sure it is made from beef though.)

Next time, if there is a next time, I would just have a bowl of pho without the beef balls and no appetizers.


其實小Mon 本身對於越南河粉是又愛又恨。我是一個非常愛喝湯的人,最喜歡那種一大碗裡面有肉有菜有湯又有麵的料理。越南河粉正好就是,還加上九層塔、檸檬汁、辣椒等辛香料融合進濃郁卻清澈的湯頭,正合我意。但可惜的就是吃十家越南河粉,大概就有九家的湯頭不純,或是有很重的味精或調味粉的味道。很重的味精味又正好是我無法接受的死穴。所以近來都滿少去外面吃越南河粉了。

不過看完Luke Nguyen的介紹,不知怎麼又燃起我們想試試Pho的興致,上網找了一家在家裡附近,有許多人推薦的越南河粉餐廳,就不妨試試吧~

唉… 只可惜Yelp 的評比真的是僅供參考,這間店簡單來說就是: 沒有太多亮點,主角Pho表現不差,但也不是我吃過最好吃的。我們還點了炸春捲,皮滿脆的…但內餡不知道加了什麼,還有吃到一點點油耗味。喔! 還有,店前面的停車場很大,就這樣了~


Restaurant: AN LOI

Website: http://anloirestaurant.com/

Address: 7104 Minstrel Way, Columbia, MD 21045

Phone: (410) 381-3188

Price: USD$8-15/ person

An Loi on Urbanspoon

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