Homemade Chinese dumplings 包餃子

Dumplings are one of my favorite food, especially homemade dumplings. Since I was a kid, I always remember my parents working together in the kitchen all afternoon making hundreds of dumplings then stored them in the freezer. Once the dumplings been made, it could easily turn into a great meal either boil or pan fried within a short period of time. After their retirement, my dad even grows his own leeks that reaps once a month for the dumplings. Making my own dumplings is also my way of missing home. 🙂

Homemade Chinese dumplings
Homemade Chinese dumplings

If you ever tried the homemade dumplings, you will never want the frozen ones from the supermarket again; or even won’t like the ones from the restaurants. The filling really taste a lot better and healthier. If you have time, you can even try to make your own skin from dough. I just normally buy the ready-to-use dumpling skins from Asian supermarket. It should be easily found from any Asian supermarket.

The dumpling skins I used today

One thing I like about homemade dumplings is it has so many varieties. Pretty much all vegetables can put into dumpling fillings. The most common ones are cabbage or leek dumplings. I use bok choy and green beans today. Just as tasty as cabbage dumplings. Also, you can adjust the ratio of meat and vegetables as you like. I prefer 1:1.5-2 meat and vege ratio. It is healthier and adds a better texture and flavor to the filling. I prefer lighter taste on the fillings as well since I will make dipping sauce later for the dumplings and the sauce is normally a little salty already.

The ingredients I use today is only for 1 pack of skin (about 40 dumplings) because I only have one pack at hand. However, I normally double or triple the amount to get the work done at once. (Depending on my freezer space, of course. 😛 )

Servings: 40 dumplings    Prep Time: 1 hour    Difficulty: intermediate 


  • Dumpling skin 1 pack (16 oz.)
  • Ground pork 1 lb
  • 1 large egg
  • Ginger finely minced 2 tsp
  • Scallion finely minced 1 1/2 cup
  • Bok Choy 2 heads finely washed and minced
  • Green beans picked and chopped
  • [seasoning] Rice wine 2 tbsp
  • [seasoning] Soy sauce 3 tbsp
  • [seasoning] Fresh cracked black pepper 2 tbsp
  • [seasoning] White pepper powder 1 tbsp
  • [seasoning] Sesame oil 2 tsp
  • [seasoning] Salt 1/2 tsp
  • [seasoning] Cornstarch 1 tbsp


  1. In a small pot, well mix ground pork, egg, ginger, scallion, and all of the [seasoning] ingredients. Stir clockwise or counterclockwise until the meat become sticky, then put back in refrigerator for at least 30 mins. (To do this is to marinate the meat and make it juicier with better texture. Don’t add the vegetables at this time since the salt will extract water from vegetables and make the filling too watery.)                                                       DSC02522 DSC02525
  2. Mix in all the finely minced vegetables into the meat filling. Prepare the “cozy wrapping seat.” Then ready to get your hands dirty!! 🙂                                             DSC02529 DSC02530
  3. The Cozy Wrapping Seat: I normally cover some towels on my working table in case some flour dusting. It’s easier to clean afterwards. You will also need a small bowl of clean water and a big baking sheet with some flour or cornstarch dusting to prevent the dumplings stick together. Most of all, I will have my laptop setting in front so I can watch shows or movies while my hands are busy. 🙂

    My cozy wrapping seat
  4. How to wrap dumplings: It’s very simple with only a few steps. Place about 1 tsp filling in the middle of one piece of dumpling wrap. Use your index finger to dip the water and moist the circle of the wrap. Close up the middle part, following closing up one side of the wrap with two folds, then another side with two folds. Make sure the dumplings are all sealed closely.

    How to make a dumpling
    How to wrap a dumpling


  1. How the dumplings look doesn’t really matter. The important point is making sure it is finely sealed. Otherwise, it will turn into a soup and flavorless when you boil them. Practice makes perfect!!
  2. When finishing up one backing sheet full of dumplings, directly send the sheet into freezer for about 15-20 mins until the dumplings are hard before transferring them in zip lock bags.



  • 水餃皮 1 包 (約454 g)
  • 豬絞肉 1 磅
  • 1 顆全蛋
  • 薑細末 2 小匙
  • 蔥細末 1 1/2 杯
  • 青江菜 2 大棵 洗淨切末
  • 四季豆 撿好切末 (蔬菜可以替換成自己喜歡的任何當季蔬菜加入水餃餡都好吃)
  • [調味料] 米酒 2 大匙
  • [調味料] 醬油 3 大匙
  • [調味料] 粗粒黑胡椒 2 大匙
  • [調味料] 白胡椒粉 1 大匙
  • [調味料] 麻油 2 小匙
  • [調味料] 鹽 1/2 小匙
  • [調味料] 玉米粉 1 大匙


  1. 將絞肉、蛋、蔥薑末以及調味料在小鍋中攪拌均勻。順時鐘或逆時鐘攪拌到出筋(肉出現黏性),放入冰箱30分鐘備用 (攪拌肉餡到出筋可以增加彈性以及保水度,吃起來口感更好;不能先加蔬菜末因為肉餡中的鹽分會讓蔬菜出水)
  2. 將蔬菜末均勻拌入醃好的肉餡中,即可準備包水餃了!!
  3. 水餃女王位: 包水餃的過程也可以輕鬆舒適又有趣。我通常會在桌面鋪上大毛巾,避免不小心掉下來的肉餡或是麵粉弄髒桌面,之後也比較好清理。準備好一小碗水、一個大烤盤上面灑上一點麵粉或玉米粉以防水餃沾黏。最重要的,在前面放上電腦或平板所以可以邊看電視劇或電影邊包水餃,超享受的啦!!
  4. 水餃包法: 只需要幾個簡單的步驟就可以包出一顆美美的水餃。在一張餃皮中間放上約一小匙的肉餡;用手指沾濕水餃皮邊緣;先黏緊中間,再分別在兩邊折進兩摺,確認水餃邊都黏緊即可。


  1. 多練習就可以慢慢愈包愈快、愈包愈美。但其實水餃包的美不美並不重要,重點是確認旁邊都沒有漏洞,不然一下鍋煮就會變成沒有味道的散肉麵皮湯喔!
  2. 我習慣調餡比例菜比肉稍微多一些,這樣口感比較好而且會吃到蔬菜的甜味,也比較健康啦! 另外內餡的味道也不要太重,因為通常還會另外做沾醬,沾醬就已經鹹了,所以內餡只要有一點味道提味就可以了。
  3. 包好的水餃先整盤送進冷凍庫大約15-20分鐘,等到它變硬定型之後再放到夾鏈袋保存比較方便喔!

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    1. It’s always nice to have some dumplings in the freezer~ Especially when you are working late and don’t have much time to cook. I love to try all kinds of different ingredients. Last time I had some corn and cabbage in the filling. Also taste really good~ 🙂

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