The most EFFECTIVE way to eat rotisserie chicken 雞盡其用,Costco 烤雞吃法大全 – 準備篇

Every time when I walk by the deli section of supermarket or Costco rotisserie chickens, the sense of smell and the juicy looks of these delicious meat just always triggers my urge to buy one home and enjoy.

However, a whole chicken leftovers can be a headache especially for single people or small families. Today, I’m going to tell you what would be the BEST way to eat the rotisserie chicken and make it Bang for Your Buck!!!


COSTCO Rotisserie Chicken X 1 ------------------------ $4.99

Tool Needed:

  • A small sharp knife
  • Clean hands
  • Steamer or slow cooker


  1. Separate the whole chicken into 4 main parts: Wings and drumsticks, Dark meat (Thigh), Breasts, and Bones
  2. For wings, drumsticks, and small parts with bones: eat them while it’s fresh and warm. These part of meat is really juicy
  3. Take out the dark meat from thighs, put the bones together with the body bones. Store the dark meat and chicken breasts into boxes if you can’t finish them in one meal.
  4. DON’T through away the juice at the bottom of the container.
  5. All Natural Chicken Stock: Gather all parts of bones and juice at the bottom into a medium pot. Add water to almost full, 3-4 cloves of garlic, and a few slices of ginger. Put the pot in the steamer or slow cooker to cook for about 1-2 hours.


The saved meat and chicken stock can have many uses in multiple dishes. With only 5 bucks, I can enjoy the juicy, just about right rotisserie chicken without worrying leftovers. Moreover, I can make it into 3-4 other dishes.

Note & Tips:

DSC02452 This is the steamer that almost every Taiwanese family have one. It’s very easy to use and have multiple purposes. All you need to do is add 1-2 cups of water into the steamer and have another pot goes inside this steamer with whatever you wish to steam. Hit the switch, and then you are good to go. I used it a lot especially for soups.

Random-001 Another thing I would love to introduce is the “tea bag.” It is a paper-cloth bags originally designed for loose tea leaves. However, I normally use them for marinating, stewing, or making soup or stock. For example, I put ginger and garlic into this small bag for my chicken stock this time to add more flavor to the soup but keep the broth clear.

Later on in the following posts, I will have a couple recipes to show some examples to use the meat and the stock I make today. Stay Tuned and Enjoy~ 🙂

單身貴族或是家庭人口稀少的人有福了!! 每次去逛Costco 都被鮮嫩多汁又香噴噴的烤雞吸引嗎?

這麼便宜不買對不起自己,但是不小心手滑買下去吃不完又對著”剩肉” 一籌莫展

沒關係!! 小Mon 今天要教大家超級省錢 雞盡其用的Costco 烤雞一菜多吃法。



  1. 將整隻烤雞分割成4大部分:雞翅跟棒腿、雞大腿、雞胸、雞骨架
  2. 雞翅跟棒腿建議趁熱現吃,這些部分現吃的時候很軟嫩多汁,再加熱的時候就會比較乾硬了
  3. 將雞大腿肉剝下來,骨頭與雞骨架放成一堆;吃不完的雞胸、雞大腿肉分成小盒裝
  4. 準備一個十人份電鍋內鍋,將雞骨頭、盤底的湯汁精華(這千萬不能丟掉)全部倒入鍋中,加滿水、加入幾粒蒜頭、薑片,外鍋各2杯水蒸2次,做成雞高湯


All Natural Chicken Stock in 2 hours!!!

The most EFFECTIVE way to eat rotisserie chicken Series

Costco 烤雞吃法大全 系列文章 延伸閱讀

To Be Continued…

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    1. 雞高湯本身沒有加鹽喔,烤雞本身有一點鹹味了,而且這是湯底 在做其他料理的時候可以再調整喔! 沒有味精或是化學調味的湯頭就很清甜了!


  1. 我來自華府台客幫,以前也試著擁有自己的部落格,後來雅虎收山了! 不禁地為妳稱讚!

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