Pumpkin spiced pancakes 南瓜鬆餅

Got too many pumpkins for the holidays and don’t know what to do with them aside from pumpkin pies? This pumpkin spiced pancakes are quick and easy. Make your Sunday morning brunch a little different from the regular simple pancakes and they taste sooooo good.

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[Columbia, MD] Mission BBQ: Awesome food and vision, but NO military discount, REALLY?

Recommendation: 87%

When surfing what good restaurants are around my area, this place caught my eye with really good reviews on yelp and some other websites. Moreover, their patriotism triggered my interests even more.

MISSION BBQ opened its doors for business on September 11, 2011.
Ten years after our world changed forever, in some small way we wanted to change it back.
As the founders of MISSION BBQ, we strive every day to remind everyone what makes Our Country great—its heroes.

Who are we? Two friends passionate about BBQ, patriotic for Our Country, and who believe in running a business with meaning and purpose.

— Quote: Our Story Mission BBQ

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Vitamix Winter Squash Soup 南瓜濃湯

It’s the pumpkin and upcoming holiday season!!!!! One of my favorite food is all kinds of pumpkin and squash dishes.

If you have pre-made chicken stock from the freezer, this dish would be super easy to make with breathtaking looks and great tastes. Continue reading Vitamix Winter Squash Soup 南瓜濃湯

Vegetable Oyako-don (Chicken-Egg-Don) 鮮蔬野菇親子丼

This is such an easy and nutritious dinner. In one bowl, you get everything you need for a meal with meat, vegetables, egg, and rice. And it only takes about 30-40 minutes from preparation to finish. Isn’t it perfect for working wives or moms?

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Copycat Hot N Juicy Boil~ Let’s get your hands dirty!!!

I just tried this recipe another time and made it a little differently this time. Still LOVE this recipe!! Updates are at the bottom. Check it out!! 🙂

09/12/2015 Update Hot N Juicy Boil Part II

So… over the weekend I tried this recipe again but made a little adjustment to it. Taste even better!!

Ingredient-wise: It’s a total upgrade. 🙂 I used snow crabs, blue crabs, shrimps, some potatoes, and bell peppers. You gotta grasp as many crabs before the crab season is over, right?


Sauce-wise: I substitute half of butter into olive oil. Not only for the health reason, but also taste lighter and better. I like this version much better. I won’t get tired of the taste after just a couple bites. Also, I bought a “Cajun seasoning.” My ingredients for the garlic butter cajun boil sauce this time is:

  • 1-2 sticks of butter
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 heads of fresh garlic minced
  • Cajun Seasoning
  • Red chili powder
  • Paprika powder
  • Old bay seasoning
  • Lemon pepper
  • Sugar

Just to be safe, add the lemon pepper and cajun seasoning little by little to adjust the taste. They have strong pungent flavor so you don’t want it to overpower the taste.

IMG_20150912_135910 IMG_20150912_135932

For the boil, I still use cajun seasoning and one lemon. When the seafood is cooked, drain the water and pour over your spicy garlic butter sauce. YumYum!!! What a happy friday. 🙂

Mon's Tasty Life 愛吃鬼享樂生活誌

Absolutely LOVE this recipe!!!! Recommendation: 100% Must Try

After our last visit to Hot N Juicy, me and J kept thinking about the savory, hot, buttery taste of those shrimps. Occasionally we found this video tutoring how to make copycat version of Hot N Juicy cajun boil and garlic butter sauce. It seems not difficult at all!!! And the best part is when making your own Hot N Juicy boil at home, you get to choose what to put include in your meal, the quality of seafood, and you can tweak the taste as much as you want~~~ (Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper LOL)

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[Prague, CZ] Prague Castle, the city of a hundred spires 布拉格城堡區,一夕成銀白世界

Prague Castle, the district that all visitors can never leave Prague without visiting!! It is located at the northwest area of the Prague City, up on the hill right across the Vltava river. Due to its elevated location, you can observe the entire Prague city from this area, one of my favorite views of the city.

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Pressure Cooker Oxtail Bourguignon 壓力鍋紅酒燉牛尾

I recently got a box of oxtail on sale. However, I have never maken oxtail before. It seems to be tough and takes a long time to cook. After I tried making this Oxtail Bourguignon with my pressure cooker, I found out it’s super easy and I just love the savory sauce.

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